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Website Policies


The contents of the official website of Imasen Engineering Corporation (hereafter referred to as gthis websiteh), managed by Imasen Engineering Corporation, are subject to the terms outlined below. Please take note of them when using this website.

Authorfs Rights

This website in its entirety, including its contents and functionality (text, graphics, software code, logos, icons, images, etc.) as well as the collection and arrangement of these items, is the property of Imasen Engineering Corporation. Reproduction, conversion, sales, and other secondary uses of this websitefs contents, including information, images, and sounds, are strictly forbidden without prior authorization from the management.

Image Reproduction

Authorfs rights and portrait rights for the contents of this website and these catalogs belong to Imasen Engineering Corporation, and the use of any images from this website, are limited to the usage and scope specified by the userfs contract with Imasen Engineering Corporation. In accordance with the laws on authorfs rights, the reproduction of any and all images on this website is strictly forbidden.

Linking to This Website

We would ask that you link to the home page when linking to this website. The addresses of all pages contained in this website are subject to alteration or removal without notice.
Website home page: https://www.imasengiken.co.jp

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Exemption from Liability

Imasen Engineering Corporation has taken all due caution in publishing the information on this website. However, Imasen Engineering Corporation does not assume responsibility for the completeness of accuracy, reliability, value, or timeliness of this website. Furthermore, Imasen Engineering Corporation does not offer guarantees against website interruptions or errors, or against computer viruses or any other damage caused by this website or its server. Additionally, Imasen Engineering Corporation does not offer guarantees against any damage or losses resulting from the use of this website. Imasen Engineering Corporation may alter the contents of this website without notice. Imasen Engineering Corporation may also interrupt or suspend operation of this website. As a result, Imasen Engineering Corporation in no way assumes any responsibility for any damage or losses incurred by the users of this website or by third parties.

Governing Law

Usage of this website shall be governed and construed under the laws of Japan.

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