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Electric Wheelchairs: Product Overview

Electric wheelchairs dedicated to the pursuit of safety and comfort.

Imasen electric wheelchairs are dedicated to the pursuit of safety and comfort, designed to be an indispensable and supportive component of onefs life. They have been developed not only to be comfortable for the rider, but also easy for caretakers to operate, easy on the environment, and pleasant to look at with an attractive design.

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Introducing Our Products

  • Standard Model EMC-240/250 Active Chair 
Functional beauty that combines safety and comfort.
  • Standard Electric Tilt Model EMC-240/250 Active Chair with electric tilting 
Functional beauty that combines safety and comfort.
  • Standard Front-Wheel Power Steering Model EMC-150 Super Chair 
For people on the go, this wheelchair offers powerful driving performance and superior steering!
  • °°Standard Electric Reclining Model EMC-720/730 
Freely adjusts to any angle, from 90 to 170, with a sliding backrest that prevents body slippage while reclining.
  • Standard Electric Reclining /Tilt Model EMC-920/930 
This is the first standard wheelchair with electric reclining and tilting made by a Japanese manufacturer." width="300" height="200" border="0" class="iconlist" />
  • Standard Electric Lift Model EMC-600/610 L-fit 
Adjustable height means greater freedom.
  • Wheelchair Electrification Unit for Manual Wheelchairs DPS-L/M Daily Pal Plus 
Electrify your wheelchair and broaden your range of motion.
  • Options 
A full range of options for boosting usability.

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